New exciting feature that allows you to request odds for your market combinations. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but how can you act on it? You can simply RequestYourOdds!


For those moments where you know something we don't about a football match and you're willing to back it.


By tweeting your market option request to us using #RequestYourOdds and tagging @FrapapaOfficial in the tweet.


Once we receive your #RequestYourOdds, we start work to make it available to you pending approval by our trading team.


Once approved, it will be published and you can now bet your #RequestYourOdds selection.

#RequestYourOdds Rules - Football & Basketball Match Betting

  1. Requests must be made at least 72 hours before the kick-off of the event.
  2. Requests with less than 5 Odds will NOT be published.
  3. #RequestYourOdds can only be made via Twitter using the hashtag #RequestYourOdds and tagging @FrapapaOfficial.
  4. You cannot cash out these bets.
  5. All bets are for 90 minutes unless otherwise stated. Extra time and penalties will not count - except when phrases 'To Qualify', 'Lift The Trophy' & 'Win The Tie' are quoted - For all bets containing such phrases, remaining selections in the bet will be settled on the 90-minute result unless stated otherwise.
  6. If any player in the bet does not take any part in the match, the bet will be made void.
  7. If betting on a player or players NOT to complete a specific action, eg ‘Haaland not to score’ or ‘Harry Kane and Sterling not to be carded’, all named players must start the match or bets will be void.
  8. Any dubious goals will be awarded according to the Press Association.
  9. Own goals do not count towards any player’s goal tallies (unless otherwise stated).
  10. Any bets involving free-kick goals must be scored directly from a free-kick. Penalties do not count.
  11. For any bets involving assists, the following rule will be applied: “An Assist is defined as the final pass or pass-come-shot leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. It also includes the following actions: Penalty won; Attempt saved; Shot hit the woodwork, rebound scored; Instigating an own goal through a shot/pass.”
  12. Any bets involving total passes or total player passes will be settled from the competition’s official website.
  13. Any bets involving players are to be carded; only cards awarded once the player is active in the match will count. Any cards shown after the final whistle do not count. Cards shown to managers or substitutes do not count towards the total.
  14. Any bets involving corners; only corners that are actually taken will count. If a corner is re-taken, it will only count as one corner.
  15. For any obvious pricing errors, we reserve the right to cancel any bets placed at the wrong odds
  16. For any obvious wording errors, we reserve the right to cancel any bets placed on that selection
  17. Any Bets requiring 2 teams to score in each half or to score 2+ or 3+ goals require each named team to score 2+, 3+ or in each half as appropriate.
  18. Free Kicks include direct and indirect free kicks, but not penalty kicks.
  19. Throw-in totals are taken from our live data providers' count.
  20. For any outcomes not included here, usual Frapapa rules will apply.


Method of Victory #RequestYourOdds

  • You are betting on what will happen across the period of 90 mins. Any outcome not determined within the 90 mins window of a match will be settled as a loss.