Promotion Terms

General Terms

1. Cancelling this promotion

a. You can cancel this promotion at any time by:

i. contacting our Customer Services team using the Live Chat on our website or our social media channels.

b. When you have cancelled this promotion, you will stop being able to take part in it. If you have not met the wagering requirement, any bonus you have not used, and winnings from bonus you have used, will be removed from your bonus balance.

2. General restrictions

a. We expect you to be fair when you take part in promotions. We consider certain types of play to be unfair and to be prohibited practices under our terms and conditions. These unfair types of play include the following.

i. Using ‘minimal risk wagering patterns’ (that is, a set pattern of bets or stakes that unfairly minimises risks).

ii. Using more than one account in order to get more than the number of bonuses allowed for each customer.

iii. Sharing personalised promotions (that is, promotions only available to specific customers we offer them to) with others. This includes taking part in any personalised promotion forwarded to you by someone else when it was not intended for you.

iv. Taking part in a promotion that is not available in the country you live in.

v. Colluding with other customers (that is, plotting with others to gain an unfair advantage).

vi. Using more than one account per person, per household or per IP address.

b. If you take part in any play that we have reasonable grounds to conclude is unfair, we may cancel any bonuses or promotions applied to your account, reclaim any bonus you have received as part of any promotion we have cancelled, and either:

i. void any bets funded by a bonus (that is, treat them as if they had never been placed); or

ii. remove any winnings relating to any bonus.

c. Regardless of anything else set out in these terms and conditions, you can withdraw funds from your main balance at any time, except where we must withhold the funds to meet our legal or regulatory obligations.

d. You cannot take part in this promotion if we have previously banned you from taking part in promotions, or from betting or playing any games on our website.

e. We can withhold or refuse to pay any winnings from a bonus if funds you paid into your main balance (including any amounts you have already used) are cancelled or denied by any payment service (for example, your card provider).

f. We can change or cancel this promotion, or change these terms and conditions:

i. without giving you notice, if the change or cancellation is needed because of any change in law or regulation; or

ii. by giving you notice beforehand, if the change or cancellation is for any other valid reason (for example, if there is a fault in the software or systems we use to provide this promotion, or we identify a mistake in these terms and conditions).

g. We can also award an equivalent bonus to the one referred to in this promotion.

h. We will not be responsible for any technical, hardware or software failures, or any unavailable or lost network conditions which may result in incorrect information being displayed, or affect your ability to enter or take part in the promotion. If there is any dispute over your eligibility for the promotion, our decision will be final.

i. Your use of our website, and your gaming or betting, is governed by our terms and conditions of using our website or app (the general terms). You must read the general terms and these terms and conditions before you take part in this promotion. If any of these terms and conditions conflict with the general terms, these terms and conditions will apply.

j. These terms and conditions are governed by, and interpreted in line with, the laws of Nigeria.