Make a bet or even two at once and wait until the round begins.

Look after your plane. Your win is bet multiplied by a coefficient of your plane.

Cashout before plane flies away and money is yours!

What is the Aviator game?
Aviator is a new kind of social multiplayer game at Frapapa consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime where everyone can win up to ₦20,000,000.
When round starts, a scale of multiplier starts growing. Player must cash out before the lucky plane flies away.

How to play?

In each round Player can bet the desired amount. The Player can use auto bet feature.

Minimum Stake – ₦30.
Maximum Stake – ₦200.000.
Maximum Win On One Round – ₦20,000,000.

Players can place 2 separate bets in one round.

How To Win?
After placing the bet, the Player must wait until the Airplane symbol will achieve heights.
After the game symbol achieves heights and before it disappears from the game screen, Player should press “Cashout” button.
In case when the symbol disappears before pushing the “Cashout” button, Player loses the bet amount.
In case of using Auto cashout feature, money will be withdrawn when index exceeds chosen amount by 0.01 example: If you have chosen 2.0X index, you will cashout automatically at 2.01X.

Additional Details
Aviator game symbol height is not determined and varies from 1.00 to infinity.

Maximum win per round per Player is ₦20,000,000.

Winning Formula

Winning is calculated by the following formula:
Bet amount * the current height rate. After Cashout won amount will be reflected instantly on the balance.